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Repair across 3 credit bureaus
Boost your credit score
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Meet the Dispute Wizard

The Dispute Wizard makes credit repair so easy, you might think it’s magic.


Dispute any account on all 3 bureaus

The Dispute Wizard can help you repair or delete inaccurate or unverifiable accounts from Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion:

  • Late Payments

  • Repossessions

  • Charge Offs

  • Foreclosures

  • Collections

  • Judgments

  • Inquiries

  • Bankruptcy

    No need to create an account with each credit bureau. The Dispute Wizard brings all three credit bureaus to you.

    Smart Import

    The Dispute Wizard automatically imports your 3 bureau credit report without creating a hard inquiry.

    Brilliant AI

    The Dispute Wizard’s Artificial Intelligence knows which accounts are hurting your credit and helps you create powerful disputes to remove them.

    Unlimited Disputes

    Dispute as many accounts as you want on all 3 bureaus at the same time.
    It doesn’t matter if you have one account or fifty accounts to dispute, The Dispute Wizard can easily manage and track all of them.

    Professional Letters

    Letters are far more effective at getting accounts permanently deleted than online disputes. The Dispute Wizard’s letter generator creates effective dispute letters so you don't have to.

    Track Your Results

    Every month The Dispute Wizard imports your new 3 bureau credit report and shows which accounts were deleted and your new credit scores. If an account wasn’t deleted, The Dispute Wizard will suggest a new strategy for additional disputes.

    The Magic (How it Works)

    No more spending hours studying your credit report, researching how to delete accounts, writing disputes, and keeping track of the results. The Dispute Wizard manages everything for you.

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    Through the magic of the Dispute Wizard, the investigation process has never been easier!

    The Dispute Wizard won’t grant you 3 wishes...

    But he will help you fix your credit! 

    And better credit can certainly lead to making some wishes come true!

    Once Upon a Time Your Credit Wasn't Great!

    Get Started Today to Change Your Fate!

    Link your credit report

    The Dispute Wizard can automatically import and analyze your 3 bureau credit report, identify negative accounts, and prepare you for your journey. The wizard will even prepare an aggressive dispute strategy so you don’t have to read a report or have any credit experience to get started.
    The Dispute Wizard never puts an inquiry on your credit report.

    Disputes that work

    The Dispute Wizard’s brilliant AI knows that different negative accounts require different dispute strategies. For example, disputing a collection account is different than disputing a bankruptcy.
    The Dispute Wizards empowers you to create the right dispute to achieve the best possible outcomes in account repair and account deletion.

    Track your results

    The Dispute Wizard tracks all of your disputes on all 3 credit bureaus. Every month you'll receive a progress report showing what accounts were deleted and your new credit scores.
    You'll always know what's going on, where you’ve been, and where you’re headed, especially with respect to the goals you’ve set out to achieve!

    Real answers from real credit experts.

    Want to know the fastest way to improve your credit and increase your score? Regardless of your program level, Pro or Pro Plus, Credilife's team of Master coaches have you covered, and we will continue to add new content based on your emailed submissions to 
    Your questions and suggestions are always welcome!

    The Value (Features and Online Credit Monitoring)

    Unlock the ultimate credit repair solution designed just for you!

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    Don't know how to read a credit report? Don't worry!
    Link your Credit Report through Online Credit Monitoring for a fraction of the cost of full service credit repair and let the Dispute Wizard do the work for you!




    Unlimited Dispute Wizard Disputes

    Monthly 3 Bureau Reports & Scores


    Identity Theft Insurance ($1m)

    Credit Monitoring & Alerts (TU)

    Includes my800Credit Money Manager with 2 monthly Transunion Report & Score updates in my800Credit.

    PRO Plus



    Unlimited Dispute Wizard Disputes

    Monthly 3 Bureau Reports & Scores


    Identity Theft Insurance ($1m)

    Credit Monitoring & Alerts (TU)

    Includes my800Credit Money Manager with Unlimited Transunion Report & Score updates in my800Credit.

    No more spending hours studying your credit report, researching how to challenge accounts, writing disputes, and keeping track of the results.

    The Dispute Wizard manages everything for you.

    Sign up today for the total solution to build and protect your credit profile and score!

    In today’s unprecedented economic climate, we are especially driven to create a more inclusive product so that everyone struggling with credit and money management would have access to not only the knowledge, but the tools they need to be successful.

    That’s why we created the Dispute Wizard, putting the power of professional investigations in your hands.
    You’re smart, you know what you want, and you are ready to take action.
    Join Us Today and Repair Your Credit Like Magic!


      The Dispute Wizard Lexington Law ®®
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    per month
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    Disputes per month Unlimited 2-3 2-3
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    Video Credit Coaching Yes No No
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    Access to the education, video credit coaching, letter templates, and the comunity are available to every member for free, however the full power of the Dispute Wizard can only be unleashed with a linked 3B Report through

    The Dispute Wizard saves you time and money by offering a better credit repair solution for any income. 
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    The sooner you get started, the sooner you'll begin to reap the rewards of better credit!

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